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Most of these are affiliate links, which means if you click and purchase something, I may earn a small commission (at no additional cost to you.) My promise to you is I never share anything I haven't thoroughly used myself & truly love! Thank you for supporting me!

Earthley Wellness

Herbal remedies to support health — naturally! For my family, we use "Feel Better Fast" instead of tums/tylenol + I'm a huge fan of the Digest Ease + Good Night Lotion!

Mother Earth Labs

Organic health supplements from the purest sources. I use the PH Balancer all-in-one full-spectrum daily nutritional support + Lugol's Iodine for thyroid + immune health! All products are great!

Lifted Naturals

Uniquely formulated MOOD probiotics created to support the gut-brain connection + provide digestive and immune support. These have worked AMAZING for me! Highly recommend!

Perfect Supplements

An amazing brand that I'm so honored to be partnered with! Nutrient dense, minimally processed, & "perfectly pure" certified - shows lab testing for purity. You can't go wrong with any products from here!


Broad spectrum 24-strain probiotic + prebiotic formulated for systemic health. Delivered in a glass jar w/monthly refills that come in compostable pouches! Very effective.


Nutritional + herbal supplements developed with a focus on product efficacy, purity, potency and quality. I am a huge fan of their Fulvic Acid supp. + Parasite Cleanse!

Lemongrass Spa

My top choice for the past 4 years for skincare, body care, makeup and family products! Join my Holistic Skin + Beauty Lounge on facebook for more info on products, specials, etc!

Truly Free

My favorite laundry products (And I've tried MANY!)! Safe, non-toxic and affordable! Delivered as often as you'd like in refillable & sustainable packaging solutions.

Plant Therapy

Where I get pure, high-quality essential oils + products. Plus, tools and know-how so that you can safely use essential oils and understand the ingredients used.

Hydroviv Water Filtration

An easy-installation water filtration system for your sinks, refrigerators and/or showers! Water nerds optimize your filters for the water in your specific area!

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