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I love sharing the things that I love and that work well for me and my family! I am committed to only sharing things that I've extensively researched or personally used for an extended period of time. I've gone through so many different brands and products over the years and learned SO much along the way! There is an incredible amount of "green-washing" going on with products right now and it can be so hard to know what you can actually trust! ("green-washing" is when companies market a product as "green" when in fact it's far from it...they use words like "vegan" and "paraben free" or highlight natural ingredients as a way to catch your attention. But if you're an ingredient detective like me, one look at the label and you know it's misleading) The things I share on this site are my personal favorites and what I use every day! As always, if you have questions about anything or need help navigating the product aisles, shoot me a message! :)


I'm Sarah.









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I'm here to empower you - to make healthy more simple through a focus on holistic health + the gut-brain connection. If you're sick of feeling exhausted, bloated, & uncomfortable in your skin...if the stress of motherhood and everything being asked of you feels like too much and you know you're not handling it well...I welcome you to start your journey here.


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I'm a small town Wisconsin girl, married 9 years to my husband Blake, and a stay at home mom to three young boys! I became an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach in 2012... then found out I was pregnant with my first baby! I had my son in August 2013 and then 6 months later found out I was pregnant with my second son! Having two babies so close together was much harder than I ever imagined! What made it even harder was the way I felt after my second child. I didn't "bounce back" like I did after my first, this time I didn't lose any baby weight, I was extremely fatigued, my anxiety was out of control, and I let myself retreat to isolation. I struggled for many years to feel like "myself" again. I knew being home with two young children was busy and tiring but I also knew deep down that there was something beyond my control keeping me from feeling NORMAL. I did not feel normal. I spent several years trying different things and going through different cycles of "diets" and workout programs only to end up back where I started. I felt defeated and depressed. But when I started to focus on gut health, things shifted for me! In early 2021, I went through the IIN Advanced Gut Health Course and I'm so excited to use my knowledge to help other moms break free from the "health-blocks" that are keeping them from living their happiest, healthiest life! If you're feeling like I was, please don't lose hope! You are not alone, and it's my passion to empower you to make the shifts needed to change!



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I’ve been on my clean living journey for over 10 years now. Because of my passion for clean ingredients and overall wellness, I became an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach in December 2012. I'm very passionate about products. I’ve done my share of research over the years and tried many, many products by a wide variety of "natural" companies. I found Lemongrass Spa Products in the beginning of 2018 and it has been the answer to my product dreams. What I love most about this company is it's integrity, it's commitment to clean *and fresh* products/ingredients, and it's affordability. Having access to affordable products that I love and trust is the icing on the cake...

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I've made jewelry since before my oldest son was born, back in 2013. I love creating meaningful, high quality jewelry that can be worn for many years to come. I've focused on gold + rose gold filled jewelry because of the affordability and likeness to solid gold. Filled jewelry has 100x more gold than plated jewelry, doesn't tarnish easily and is great for those with sensitive skin. I've also used Argentium silver, which is tarnish resistant and brighter than sterling. It's also 100% nickel free and hypo-allergenic. While I'm not actively taking orders at this time, I'm selling the inventory that I have and I'm open to custom orders or requests if you're interested. Take a look at what's available below!